Firmware download error for Memoe 10 / GMS

Hi Team

We have purchased new Datalogic PDT Memor 10 with AD8.1/GMS and trying to upload the latest firmware on it using Scan2 Deploy application but not able to download the latest firmware from the website and getting the following error message
Error Message - Firmware not applicable to device model number

We even tried to download the [Memor 10 Android 8.1 v1.10.22] firmware and still getting the same error message.

Can someone please have a look this issue and point us in the correct direction to get the latest firmware updated on these devices?

You must take care to select the right OS variant to download: “EMEA/ROW GMS” vs. “US GMS” vs. “non-GMS”.
This must match the OS variant running on your purchased devices.

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