I’m looking for a way to open permanently port number 5555 over tcp/ip for adb service, without rooting my device. I already succeded to do so over USB, but the port is closed again after rebooting the device.



ADB enables that setting by changing some system properties that are not persistent to reboot.
This, in case of Android crash and inability to restart the graphical interface, prevents completely losing the device. To set ADB to TCP / IP permanently you would need root rights (not available for end users).

Why exactly do you need to keep ADB permanently enabled on TCP / IP? Depending on your use case, there may be other solutions. For further analysis, please contact us though our technical support service available here: (english version) :
or by searching for the same Datalogic Support page for your language.

Simone Callegari
Mobile Computer Specialist Support L3 Engineer | Datalogic

Hello Simone_Callegari,

Enabling ADB over TCP/IP permenently would allow me to control my 50+ devices through SCRCPY (VNC-like software). DXU kind of works but I’m not fully satisfied as it is bugged (asking me repeatedly for my password for example). I’ll stick to it in the meantime until I find a proper way.