Android Custom Keyboard Tool

Is there a Datalogic/Android Custom Keyboard tool/app available?

I need to permanently default the Android keyboard to Upper Case.


Hello @Eddie_Grice ,

Today Datalogic does not provide any public tool to create custom keyboard layouts, but in case of devices with a physical keyboard (for example Skorpio X5 or Memor K) a possible workaround is to use the “Keyboard Remapping” features available in the device configuration menu (see: Settings -> Datalogic Settings -> Key Settings -> Key remapping) or via Datalogic SDK (see: KeyboardManager - Datalogic SDK version 1 | Android Add-on) to remap each press on a physical (let say the ‘A’ key) to produce the unicode character corresponding to the uppercase character “A” .


Otherwise, for more specific questions, I suggest to get in touch directly with our Technical Support Service by opening a request through the linked form.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer