Android Intent buttons Memor 10 and 20

Hi all,

The app developer is asking for Android intent for the hardware buttons on both Memor 10 and 20. Can someone send this and help me? We want to use the barcode scanner buttons for PTT button and Panic Button in the app we are using.

I can’t this on internet so help you can help us.

Thank you for support.

Hi Christiaan,

You should have your app developer take a look at the KeyboardManager interface. Specifically mapIntent(), mapKeyCode(), and mapUnicode() methods.

You would utilize these constants:

You can also access these settings on the device under Settings app > Key Settings > Key remapping.

Hope that helps.

@Cody_Brookshear dear Cody,

Thank you for reply. Can we have direct contact/support from you for this issue? Still not solved… thank you.

Hello @Christiaan_Baardwijk,

To have a direct more contact you can open a ticket on the company’s tech support portal available here . One of our technician will directly follow your request.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - L3 SW Engineer