i build a new app for datalogic falcon X4 and compile it with Datalogic WEC7 SDK ARMV5 device.
The app is standard vbnet app created with visual studio 2018 and compact framework 3.5
When i install the cab to the device it tell me that the app is not compatible with the device.

Any idea how to fix this error ?

Hello @MASSIMO_Chimetto,

I assume you meant “Visual Studio 2008”, not “Visual Studio 2018”.

If you have created a “Smart Device CAB Project” using VS2008, you probably would need to edit INF file generated by VS and change version range (VersionMax specifically).
Then run CabWiz.exe manually to generate the CAB (see MSDN for INF and CabWiz documentation).
It should be possible to do that as post build action in VS if you prefer.

If I remember correctly, the original Wizard for creating “Smart Device CAB Project”, since VS2008 was originally meant to build applications up to WinCE 6.0, sets VersionMax = 6.99. Then Microsoft extended the VS2008 usage also to WEC7, but did not updated the cab wizard tool, preventing the default projects to install on WEC7 devices.

If you need further information, get in contact with our tech support team (link), where one of our technicians can help you.

Simone Callegari
L3 - Mobile Products Specialist | SW Engineer | Datalogic