Capture Text Injection with a browser

I have a web app in javascript and I use keyboard wedge to capture scan data in my web app. More specifically, I use “Keyboard wedge text input mode : key pressure” setting on a Memor 10 and the web app capture the data using javascript:
window.addEventListener(‘keydown’, handleKeydown)

Is there any way to capture text when input mode is “text injection” ?
I can’t find any javascript event triggered by “text injection”.

Hello @Roch_Feuillade

As far as I know, the TextInjection mode does not generates events that can be relieved in JS.

Having a stronger control on the codes coming from the scan engine inside a Web apps, than the control allowed by the Keyboard Wedge is a well known issue.

If your Web app is made with Ionic, Cordova, or PhoneGap, we provide a Datalogic Cordova Plugin that you can install from NPM, which allows to access the main SDK methods and events from the Javascript of the App. Some Ionic and Phonegap samples that uses the scan engine are available here.

If your Web app is based on Native React framework, we provide a Datalogic React Native SDK module too.
Some React Native sample projects are available too.

If your app is a classical Web application open in a standard browser, you can’t directly access scanner events. This would require the development of a special Browser, with a modified JS engine, able to recognize special commands and events addressed to or coming from the ScanEngine.
Waiting for such a solution, Datalogic is providing a bridge solution through some HTTP EndPoints, collected under the name of Android HTTP API and made available with the DXU service activation.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - SW Engineer