CBX 500 - Custom Port Listener

We have a Datalogic DS2100 or DS2400 scanner attached to a Datalogic CBX 500 we are using to scan pallet barcodes. We have custom C# code which listens for the incoming data on a specific IP and the CBX 500 is configured to send the data to this IP. We are experiencing issues where it seems like the CBX 500 tries to send data to the port listener but no data is sent and we have to time the connection out. We have Cognex scanners doing the same thing and are not experiencing this behavior. Any idea what we are doing wrong? Should we configure the CBX 500 in a different way? Does the CBX 500 pre-initiate a connection and hold it open as part of normal operation? Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Jess. This forum is intended for mobile computer topics. I would suggest creating a support case via our website here - https://www.datalogic.com/eng/contact-us/technical-support-cts-8.html

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