Current ionic framework + capacitor + device info

Is it possible for DL to update the ionic/cordova samples to include the device sdk of the android sdk. furthermore i am not sure, if the broadcast scan intents are correctly fired, because of the category. my primary use case is to get the device serial in a capacitor ionic framework app. But how can i achieve this?

Hello @Holger_Igel,

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The reason there are no samples for the Device namespace of the Datalogic Android SDK, is because the Cordova SDK does not have access to the Device namespace.

There are only a few functions available from the Cordova SDK and the samples and documentation cover them all.

I did a little research and it seems like the best way to accomplish this would be with the Cordova Device Plugin:

Drew Hugentobler
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Hello Drew,
thank you very much for your answer. I have solved the problem with embedding the DL Android SDK and i wrote a capacitor plugin and it’s working. But i configured the wedge application to use the default values of the ‘send intent’ capacitor plugin…