Datalogic.Device.Input.AdvancedKeyboard method missing


I have a skorpio x4. I using lastest version of xamarin SDK.
I would to bind keyevent of phisical keypad on android, but with this class:

Datalogic.Device.Input.AdvancedKeyboard it appears not have a constructor. This text will be hidden
And without istance of it, I’m not able to call method


Where am I wrong?
You have a sample app to bind the keys?

Marco Pedrazzi

Hello @Marco_Pedrazzi

The Datalogic.Device.Input.AdvancedKeyboard class you were trying to use has been introduced in SDK revision 1.22 to support the enhanced Keyboard system available on the most recent Datalogic devices.
The Keyboard Driver of Skorpio X4 (with DL-Axist and Falcon X4) does not support the AdvancedKeyboard features and in any case his mounts only the SDK revision 1.21.

Then is not possible to use the AdvancedKeyboard class on Skorpio X4.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - SW Engineer