Datalogic OEMConfig won't sync

Hello everyone,

We use around 300 Memor 10 at the moment, all sync through Soti Mobicontrol.

Each of them got the Datalogic OEMConfig app install and pushed through app policies.

From time to time it seems that devices loose the config that has to be pushed by the app.

SO far, never found another way that editing the cofiguration in app policies, and resend it again to every device, crossing finger it will reach the correct one asap and work.

Is there a way to force sync this? script?

Thanks for that.

Hello @Steeve_Piette ,

If we correctly understand your issue, it seems that sometime SOTI Mobicontrol fails in applying a device configuration.

There are currently no reported problems on Memor 10 causing this behavior.

Since it is quietly uncommon issue, the best we can suggest is to update the Memor10s with the latest available Firmware version (to date v3.02.06 for Android 10, or 2.10.16 for Android 9, see link), to Factory Reset the machines (Settings ā†’ System ā†’ Advanced ā†’ Reset) and try again after staging the devices again to be sure that SOTI MobiControl is configured in the best way.

If this operations does not yield the desired success, we suggest to get in touch with the SOTI Mobicontrol Technical Support to ask for assistance in troubleshooting.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products - L3 Specialist SW Engineer

I am also finding this issue with the datalogic oem config, it will push out to datalogic skorio x5 fine then next day they have defaulted back to the factory scanne settings, even after ammending settings on pda itself and commiting changes, it will happen again and again. we also have unitech ea630 scanners and they work without any issues

thanks in advance

Hi @Steeve_Piette,

It is possible to send the oemconfig configuration with Soti Mobicontrol to your devices with Scan2Deploy. You can use a script for that or with a soti package. My experience this works much better than to rely on the Google app policies.

If you need technical assistance on this Iā€™m happy to help. We have exchanged some e-mails in the past so send me an e-mail if you want.

Gr Peter de Jong