Deploying updates OTA using Scan2Deploy SDK ?

We have successfully developed a warehouse/shop floor retail app using the Xamarin Bindings and using Memor10 as our lead device.
I am using the Decoder intent etc to capture the scanned barcode and some dependency injection in Xamarin Forms to surface as an event. So all good there.

Our challenge is to now look at updates of the APK , Device config (and probably firmware) with minimal user intervention on behalf of the retails into which we deploy the app.

Obviously using MDM such as 42Gears/SureMDM, ManageEngine, Soti Mobicontrol are solutions we are looking into.

I was told some time back that there is an SDK which can be utilised in-app which can potentially initiate a pull of APK updates or the payload of Scan2Deploy to do silent updates initiated via the customer app. Is this the case ? If so, is there a Xamarin binding for this SDK.

We are just evaluating all our options. If there is something short term we can use without involving an MDM then that is one approach. However, I am in the dark as to whether such an SDK exists and pros and cons regarding security , etc to that type of approach.
I am guessing somehow that such an approach involves the customer app launching an Intent defined within Scan2Deploy and relying on the DPC /device owner privileges of Scan2Deploy.

Any guidance would be very welcome.