Disable built in browser at Memor K

our application is using WebView to display a Website in our own application Overlay.
With your default browser we had some struggle in displaying the website correctly.
At GSM devices we use Google Chrome for displaing the webpage.
Because the Memor K is non GSM we installed Opera (Chromium based), set it to default app for Browser and started our app again.
Sadly the WebView choose again the built-in Browser insted of our defined browser, and we continue with the display issues. So I want to deactive the built-in browser but this does not seem to be possible directly.

Can you explain me a way how I can deactive the browser, or how I can set up the device, so that the WebView uses the standard browser and not the build in browser?

Thanks in advance

For security reasons, this is an expected behavior by Android design.
Looking at the Chromium’s documentation on the Google’s source for AOSP devices (see: WebView docs (go/webview-docs) - WebView for AOSP system integrators), you find:

  • "Unmodified retail Android devices cannot generally have their WebView replaced or modified for security reasons; if you have a retail device this guide will probably only be useful if you are building a custom ROM image. AOSP contains a prebuilt WebView APK for each supported CPU architecture, and the appropriate APK will be included in the system image by default. The prebuilt is provided in order to ensure that AOSP has a functional WebView for development and testing purposes. It is not currently updated on a regular schedule, and may have known security issues. It is strongly recommended that AOSP system images which are being shipped to end user devices include a recent stable version of WebView built following this guide, instead of the potentially outdated prebuilt version”

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Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - SW Engineer