download the list of products read by Memor 1

I develop a system that needs to receive the list of barcodes and quantities for each product found in stock.
I have integration with other data collectors that provide this in txt.
Is there anything similar in Memor1?

Hello @Ivan_Ricardo_Schneid ,

Memor 1 comes without any specific inventory pre-installed app .

Google Play is plentiful of Inventory apps, of different complexity. Some of those allow to save acquired data also in text format.


Another way could be to develop your own application, using Android Studio (Java), or Visual Studio (Xamarin/C#), or an hybrid application, using frameworks such as Ionic, or a full Web Application, depending on your needs.

The most simple reading way of reading codes from the scan engine can be through the Wedge feature of the scan engine, which will redirect the bar-codes directly on the keyboard. Otherwise you can use the Android Datalogic SDK. see:

The use of the SDK will give total control over all phases of reading and operation of the ScanEngine. For more detail you can see, for example, the section FAQ: How can I receive barcode data in my app.

In case these solutions doesn’t suite your need, please contact one of our local consultant by filling out the form He will be able to give you more information, show you some demo or provide you better solution.

Best Regards

Simone Callegari
L3 - Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer | Datalogic

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