Emulator for Memor K device


We have to develop an application that will be used to scan tickets with the Memor K device. We installed the Xamarin SDK and followed the steps described here: Xamarin SDK | Technical Documentation

But we don’t get the right emulator for debugging and testing, we only get a simple phone emulator:

How do we get the right handeld device emulator and test our app ?

The device is connected on usb and the pc is recognizing it.

Thank you

Hello @Jonathan_Bolduc,

We do not provide any datalogic-specific Android emulator neither for Android Studio nor for Xamain.
To debug an application made on our SDKs you need always to attach one of our physical devices to the USB and connect it though ADB (see “USB debug” option, under the device’s hidden menu “developer options”).
Now if instead of the emulator you select it on Android Studio or Xamarin as a target platform, you will be able to remotely debug your app directly on the actual device.