Error in SDK AddOn files of new release v1.28?

The provided SDK addon packages (like seem to contain datalogic.jar files of the previous version v1.27.

After updating to version 1.28 In the Android Studio editor is still resolved to “1.27”.

Opening the file /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF in the datalogic.jar library file, I also find a line with “Implementation-Version: 1.27”.

Can you check this please?

Hello @Richard_Venderbosch
Thank you for this message. You found a problem that we were not aware of. While the SDK distributed through the Maven repository was correct (see: Datalogic SDK | Maven Dependency), the Add-on v1.28 publishing script for some reasons had failed.

Now we have fixed the issue and you can download the correct Add-On again.

Unfortunately Android Studio does not provide an automatic recovery system for cases like this.
All users who have already downloaded the wrong Add-On will have to manually remove it from their Android Studio installations and download it again.

To do this, in Android Studio:

  • open the SDK Manager,
  • enable the check box “Show Package Details” in the lower right corner,
  • check the entries “Datalogic SDK v1” that are affected,
  • un-check the corresponding checkbox and press Apply (the corrupt package will be removed)
  • now select again the corresponding checkbox and press Apply. The updated package will be downloaded and installed.

Best regards

Simone Callegari
L3 - Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer | Datalogic