Falcon X3+ Update issue

Hello, after the last update when starting the device, there was a problem with the resolution of the device. When calibrating the screen through Stylus, the resolution is increased so much that I can’t hit the target. Is there any solution or some advice for this. Thanks

Hello @Omar_Herakovic,

The FW update on Falcon X3+ should never change the device resolution nor compromise the device operability. As a test, we can suggest trying to revert - if possible - to the previous Firmware image.
If this works, then try again to install the latest (most recent) FW version.

If this does not solve it, you can have a direct contact with a local Datalogic technician by opening a ticket via the company’s tech support portal , but it will most likely be necessary to send the terminal in for repair.

see also: Firmware downloads for obsolete Datalogic Mobile devices.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - SW Engineer