Falcon X4 - Scanner dont work after a few readings

We have a Falcon X4 that after booting we can do a few readings but then the scanner stops working.
If we leave the PDT turned off during a few minutes and try again, it will work again for a few readings and then die again.

Hello @Paula_Reix ,

Falcon X4 CE has been widely used in the market for a long time, and this doesn’t seem like a recurring defect.

To investigate we would need some information and some test.
Would need to know on how many devices the problem occurs out of the total, to know what specific model it is (device’s part number), possibly the serial numbers, what scanengine is in use (Green Laser-like 1D, White Illumination 2D Imager, DL Focus 2D Imager (long range), Auto Range 2D Imager…), what FW is running (in case is not the latest one, upgrade the device, seehttps://developer.datalogic.com/mobile-computers/products/falcon-x4/windows/firmware), which kind of app are you running on the device, and test if the misbehavior happens also after a Factory Reset, without your app.

If after updating the device and doin the tests i mentioned above the issue persists, please create a support ticket and we will work with you one on one to resolve the issue.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - L3 SW Engineer