FalconX3+ - auto import SCU profile (sdc file)

I exported a profile from Summit Client Utility to sdc file.

Is there any way to load this file (profiles from file) automatically when after reboot

I would like to perform easy wi-fi configuration on other devices.


Hello @Tomasz_Filipek ,

I don’t remeber a way for automatically loading the .sdc WiFi profile files, but in the past years, for FalconX3+ we developed a small utility named SDCset.exe, today supplied as-is, which allows to configure the Summit radios from the command line.
For example:

\FlashDisk\SDCset -config -add MyProfile -ssid MySSID -auth open -encrypt wpa2psk -psk MySecretPWD
\FlashDisk\SDCset -config -active MyProfile

You can download the SDCSet utility here. The .zip file contains the .exe utility and an user’s guide. It work on both CE6 and WEHH devices.

Then you could add some lines to and Autostart.ini from the \flashDisk directory of each device, and execute at each reboot of the device. More customization option for the Autostart.ini can be found on the Autostart.ini section of each Datalogic Windows CE device.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer