Get Android 11 Firmware for Skorpio X5

What are the step to be able to download Android 11 for Skorpio X5. I entered the serial number of the skorpio but I never get any feedback to be able to donwload it. Could you please help me to do it ?

Hi Melanie,

Is your SkorpioX5 covered by an Ease of Care or Shield contract? If so you should be able to download the latest firmware. (make sure you download the GMS version of the device if you have a GMS version.

If you’re still not able to download the firmware please create a technicall support case on our website: Technical Support - Datalogic

Gr Peter

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Hello @Melanie_LAFOURCADE

This is an additional information about the Datalogic Shield program (valid for all the Datalogic GMS devices):

Simone Callegari

Dear Simone,

We purchased 10+ Skorpio units which were delivered from the reseller a few weeks ago. However upon entering the serial we were unable to download the new firmware from the developer site. Could you provide us with instructions on how to go about this?

Many thanks,


Hello @Leendert_Paul_Diterw ,

As areday reported in the topic “Valid serial for demo memor10 - #2 by Simone_Callegari”, the firmware update for Datalogic Andriod devices with GMS support requires a Shield Service Contract.

Note that for the first 90 days after shipment from our manufacturing plants, the Datalogic Shield Program provides a grace period in which you can download the firmware update free of charge.

This date is the same as warranty start date as can be found using the warranty lookup tool we have on our extranet; see Warranty Status Look-Up.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products - L3 Specialist SW Engineer