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I’m certainly not new to development but I have never created for Windows CE. The company I work for have a few Memor X3 Devices that they would like me to utilize around our plant. From is there a tutorial or starter guide somewhere. I have a few applications that I would like to port to these devices. I just started playing with it today, but I can’t even get it to connect to my Pc, and everything I read leads to software that is no longer available. I know it’s capable of running a web app, but I would like to run something natively. Any help?

Hello @Erik_Nichols

To develop native apps (or better .Net apps) for WinCE 6.0 or WEC7 devices, you need Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, which is the latest developing tool released by Microsoft supporting those OSs.
To download those old version of Visual Studio you need a MSND (Microsoft Developer Network) subscription.

Then, for connecting and developing on our device, you need a MemorX3 specific SDK, that you can find under the Download / Developement section of the Memor X3 main page on our web site:


For convenience, this is the direct link to the MemorX3 SDK:

Once download and uncompressed the Zip file, you will find two Datalogic_MDA_ReadMe_First.pdf files for .Net or C++ app development, which include some detail on how to build you first project.

see: …\Memor_X3 SDK_1.0.1 R2.NET\Datalogic_MDA_ReadMe_First.pdf

In case you need further information please get in contact with out Tech Support by filling the module at:

Simone Callegari
L3 - Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer | Datalogic