Google Play services for OCR on Memor K

How do can we have Google Play services on Memor K ? It is necessary for OCR .

the answer would interest me as we cannot install an external ERP-application

Hello @Martin_Vaszics

Datalogic Memor K devices by design are not certified to be equipped with Google Mobile Services (GMS) , and therefore cannot run the Google’s Services and Application suite, which including Google Play, and for example other cloud based features like the Mobile Vision suite to perform OCR, originally available through, today moved into ML Kit ( Machine learning for mobile developers).

If your app needs the Google Mobile Services support, you need to buy another Datalogic device, like Memor 10, Memor 20, Skorpio X5 or newer.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - L3 SW Engineer

Hello @Simone_Callegari ,

I’m also using a Memor K to develop a OrderApplication. At some points of my App i want to give the user some Audio Feedback. So I tried to get TextToSpeech to work but it allways get an Error on the initialisation of my TTS Object?

Is this also because of that Memor K is not designed to work with Google Mobile Services?

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Hello @Stefan_Klammer ,

Google Text-to-Speach API is part of the functionality offered by Google Cloud Services, which require Google Mobile Services, so is not available on Memor K.
There could be other alternative and competing speech recognition providers to Google Cloud Text-to-Speech on the Internet. Not all of them are free.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - L3 SW Engineer

hi , @Stefan_Klammer stefan_klammer
if you can develop in react native, you can may ne use the lib text-to-speech-js - npm
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Hello @William_Piedfort ,

thank you for your reply. I will take a look into it.
At the moment i only have static texts so i made some mp3’s and play them.

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