Gryphon GD4130-BK Online Usage

Hello everybody,
I joined this discussion board because my company got me a Gryphon GD4130-BK.
The issue is that the request is to integrate it into a web app (not a mobile app): the reader should send the request for example to an API endpoint present in our web application and send the data.
I wanted to know if this is feasible and if so what technologies I need.

Thanks so much

Hello @Matteo_Peru,

This forum is mainly meant to provide general information on Datalogic Mobile products (linik), mainly Android and Windows CE devices.

You can find general information and downloads for Gryphon devices at their product page (link) or in his User’s Manual (link).

However for more complex questions we invite you to to get in contact with our local technical support team, by filling the module at this link.


Simone Callegari
Mobile Products L3 Specialist SW Engineer