Gryphon GFS4100 : Detect that no barcode in front of scanner


We are using a Gryphon GFS4170 barcode scanner. I’ts an USB-version, but we are using USB-COM-mode.
It is used in an automated assembly line.
For regular production, it just has to scan barcodes on boxes. For this : “Automatic” operating mode is perfect : every time a box is presented, we automatically receive the barcode value.
However sometimes we want to detect/make sure that there is no box (barcode) in front of the scanner. In Automatic mode, we can not continuously detect presence of a barcode, because we only get a new reading when a new barcode is presented.
I’ve tried the “Serial On Line” mode, and trigger the barcode every second. This works, however when a box is placed in front of the scanner and remains there, we keep getting (succesfull) beeps every second.
Would there be an elegant way to detect during a certain time, that there is no barcode in front of the scanner?

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