Hostname Change for SkorpioX5

Good day! We have about 40 SkorpioX5’s but we can’t change the Host name. I understand that is not currently supported in current firmware. When will the new firmware released? And allso what is the workaround? Apparently I need to log a support call but not sure how. Any assistance in that matter will be appreciated.

We allso need talk back to the scanner and DNS registration is crucial . The DNS registration for DHCPv4 Client IP address , FQDN and DHCID AAEBG/ZEwNZtYoB7dpeoL0bsApB8D8IaQm0+FAnFmccpwTw= has been denied as there is probably an existing client with same FQDN already registered with DNS.

Hello @Lee_Meissenheimer,

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I would recommend creating a support ticket and a member of our support team will assist you.
You can create a support ticket here:

Drew Hugentobler
L3 Mobile Computer Specialist Support Engineer

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