How do I copy files to Memor X3 from Wndows OS by C# code app?

I’m from Hungary. I like to copy txt files to Memor X3 programatically in C# under Win 10. Can I do this some manner? Please, send me any imformation about this.

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Gyozo Karsai
NextSoftware Kft., hungary

Hello Gyozo_Karsai
Windows CE devices communicate with Windows 10 through Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) service.
This service is based on WinCE RAPI (Remote API), which unfortunately is ANSI C, Win32 interface. Microsoft official documentation is available here:

For simplifying the RAPI programming on .NET environment, you can rely on some good thirdparty wrapper.
For example, you may use something like RAPI2 from CodePlex:

Or the popular OpenNetCF Desktop Communications Library:

CodeProject also provides a good series of article showing how to manage Handheld Devices from Desktop apps. A first link is available here below.

Simone Callegari
Mobile Computer Specialist Support L3 Engineer | Datalogic

Helo Simone_Callegary,

thanks for your rapid and perfect answere.