how do i get access to OID for datalogic devices

This is for any Datalogic mobile unit but currently I am running Memor 10 units and need to know how I can get the OID info for the units. I use Lansweeper to scan my networks to track and inventory my hardware. My issue right now is Lansweeper needs an OID (An OID in SNMP is an “Object Identifier”.) in order to ID the units and pull data I can then use to track and ID each unit.
All I am getting is it is IP / active state and an Android device (which I set). The OID will automaticall ID units as i add them to my network . Typically if I can get into the unit I can pull OS / Version / Proc / RAM/ BIOS / all software installed and a multitude of other things including error logs. Any assistance in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated as this would allow me to better use my software and track my Datalogic units across my network which currently spans 5 buildings in a large industrial complex and 1 building in another state.

As always thanks in advance for any and all assistance with my questions.