How to get the datalogic.jar Java files of Datalogic SDK?

As documented at, if you are an Android Studio Developer you can link the Datalogic SDK for Android Mobile Device to you app project in two different way:

If for any reason you do no want or you cannot link your project to these external repository or you prefer to include the Datalgic SDK as a Java dependency (include a .jar file into your java sources), you can retrieve a zip file of the most recent revision of our SDK (today 1.28), one for each target API (now to API-30 = Android 11 / Android “R”), from Releases · datalogic/android-sdk-addon · GitHub.

After selecting the most recent zip file (e.g., extract the zips and browse the ‘libs’ folder.

Here you can find the .jar files of our SDK: the main “datalogic.jar” plus the optional and old “extension_selfshopping.jar” (for JoyaTouch only).

In case you need further information open a ticket by filling the module at this link

Simone Callegari
Mobile Products L3 Specialist SW Engineer

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