How to lock Memor 10 Wifi only on 2.4Ghz


there’s a way to lock Memor 10 wifi to work only on 2.4Ghz?
There’s no option on the setting panel o wifi preference…

Thank you

with the latest fw version v1.07 it has been introduced a specific option to select radio band:
Settings>Network & Internet >Wi-Fi>Wi-Fi preferences>Advanced>Wi-Fi Scan Settings>Band Selection.

In the future release of SDK will be also available the API’s to set the band.
At the moment it’s available the following intent:
adb shell am broadcast -a com.datalogic.configuration.wifi.BAND_SELECTION --ei BAND X
(where X can be:
• 0 - Auto
• 1 - 2.4GHz
• 2 - 5GHz
• 3 - 2.4GHz and 5 GHz)

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Many thanks Andrea,
found the update and applied, now the band can be selected from Device settings…will let you know.