How To: Manage Datalogic devices in Intune (Firmware Update, Launch an Activity)

Hi, anyone else managing Datalogic devices with Intune ?

I’m trying to work out if/how possible to upgrade firmware. I see I can use OEMConfig but how do I copy the firmware file which needs to be local on the device ?


Hello @Mark_Wright

With Microsoft Intune is not possible to manage the device FW updates.
Today the best way that we can recommend is to use our Scan2Deploy Studio (firmware update) as a separate staging tool.

However, we are aware of the limitation and we’re happy to share that we are working on it by extending our OEMConfig to support FW upgrades as well.

If you are register user on our portal (login-button in the top-right corner), you can edit you profile and activate the email notifications (see screenshot below), so to stay tuned on the new SW releases.

As soon as we release a new version of OEMConfig you’ll receive a notification via email.

Simone Callegari
Mobile Products L3 Specialist SW Engineer

How to: perform a Firmware Update of a Datalogic Device using Intune.

Intune does not support either file exchange or sending intent.
So for a long time it had been impossible to apply FW Update with Intune.
But for a while now, in Datalogic OEMConfig a new feature has been introduced to specifically support FW update on Datalogic mobile device.

In Intune, select “Configuration Profile,” then create a new profile.

After naming the profile, select “Datalogic OEMConfig” as the “OEMConfig App” and click Next

Now the Intune interface will show you the parameter categories supported and exposed by Datalogic OEMConfig.
Among them, at the bottom, you will find “Firmware Update.” Click yes “Configure.”

In this node, it will be possible to specify two parameters:

  • OTA update file : The complete path to the file on the device that is to be used for a firmware update or an HTTP/S or FTP/S URL where OEMConfig can download the file . Example path: /sdcard/Download/

  • Reset type: The type of reset to perform after a firmware update completes. Valid values are displayed in a single select list. The default value is None

In this way you’ll be able to upgrade a Device FW also with Intune.
Clearly, if the new FW image is not already available on the device, you need an external server where to publish the file.

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How To: Remotely Launch an Activity via Intune

Notice also that in the most recent release of OEMConfig, a new “Launch Activity” category has been added too, covering a great part of the use cases where the launch of an intent was required

Simone Callegari
L3 Mobile Computer Support Engineer

So is it possible to use oemconfig to launch a Scan2Deploy intent? (to do the firmware update?)

Yes it is possible now.

I have had sucess using OEM config to upgrade firmware . Its needs to be a http not https link.

Doesnt always work and we have had issues with unexpected reboots and shutdowns with A11 that we are trying to troubleshoot.

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