How to turn on barcode illumination on Memor1?

We are evaluating a Memor1 device. It has a barcode reader, with two visible LED’s, and the scanner settings have the illumination option enabled. However, it is not possible to scan a barcode in a dark place as the illumination LED’s are not turned on.

Purchased in 2019,
MFD May 2019,
Android 8.1.0,
kernel build

Hello @Roland_Kwee ,

All our devices are configured with scan engine illumination beam enabled by default.
I suggest to try performing in order:

  1. Reset to default scanner configuration and commit it.
    On Memor 1, two steps:
  • settings->system->scanner settings->Reset configuration
  • settings->system->scanner settings->Commit
  1. If (1) doesn’t solves, try to perform a factory reset:
  • settings->system->Reset options-> Erase all data (Factory reset)
  1. If (2) doesn’t solves, the issue could be related to some scan engine fault.
    In this case we recommend to get in contact with our Technical support service, that will drive you in further analysis or if necessary will tell you how to send the device for repair.

Datalogic TECHNICAL SUPPORT, On-Line Request page:

Simone Callegari
L3 Mobile Computer Specialist Support SW Engineer | Datalogic