Image Capture through USB-COM, on PC

What is the proper command to Image Capture through USB-COM, on PC (with C/C++)?
I need RAW command but NOT OPOS nor Android.
In the GD4500 reference guide it states to use “Datalogic Aladdin configuration application” but does not state actual commands to send to scanner!
Then how to read image data from USB-COM, what is the byte sequences and how to decode them.
Seems like very little info is given to develop “custom” software.
Or what phone number to call for such questions/support.

Hello @Ark_Nieckarz,

This forum is mainly meant to provide general information on Datalogic Mobile products , mainly Android and Windows CE devices.

For receiving support on Gryphon GD4500 scanner or any other general duty HAND HELD SCANNERS (see link) , you have to get in contact with our local technical support team, by filling the module at the link (english version) or by searching for the same Datalogic Support page for your language.


Simone Callegari
L3 - Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer