Intune Firmware Update Scorpio X5 Error

We’re trying to update the firmware on a Scorpio X5 using Intune and oemconfig.
When applying the firmware using a configuration policy i’m receiving following error
key_ota_update_file_name : Error: Failed to set value .

This was functioning untill full update version 3.15 since update 3.16 and 3.17 i’m getting this error

Android dedicated device profile

Hello @Christoph_Verbiest ,

We never experienced that error. When and where that errors comes up? Does it happen when you load the FW file on Intune, or when the policy is applied to the device? The error message is shown on the Intune user interface on the browser or on the device?

Simone Callegari

Hey Simone,

It happens when the policy using oemconfig been applied to the device.
Al the config settings applied with oemconfig are succesfull, only the firmware update gives an error.
We’ve tested the firmware update in normal mode , but also in kiosk mode.