InTune MDM, OEMConfig and Launch Activities

I have a requirement to use Intune as the MDM for Skorpio X5’s with GMS.

They are set as Android Enterprise which rules out Scan2Deploy as it is not in the Play store
I am using InTune app and device configuration policies to configure OEMConfig, Launcher and Browser.

Although OEMConfig has the option for Launch Activities I have not been able to reliably start the datalogic launcher with a simple config of:
Launch Activities
Package Name: com.datalogic.launcher

Do I need to specify a component or extras?
Does the Launch Activity run every startup or once only as I have seen references to use it for firmware updates and scan2deploy configuration?
Is there any documentation with examples?


Welcome to our forum!

The Launch Activity only launches once immediately after the OEMConfig Managed App Config is applied.
However, when it succeeds to launch Launcher, Launcher itself sets itself as the default launcher.

We already identified the behaviour you are describing, where the MDM occasionally fails to launch the Launch Activity.
We have a new version of OEMConfig that you should see on Google Play within the next 24 hours that should launch the Launch Activities more reliably.
One way to identify that you are on the new version of OEMConfig is when you are adjusting the Managed App Config of the new version of OEMConfig, you will see a new category of settings labeled Dock Settings.

Using this new version should eliminate your problem as Launcher will launch as the Launch Activity, set itself as the default launcher, and continue to be launcher after you reboot the device.

We do have documentation on the features of Managed App Config, but I believe I have covered this topic in more depth than what the documentation will provide.

Drew Hugentobler
L3 Mobile Computer Specialist Support Engineer