JavaPOS not connected with QuickScan 2500

I’m trying to connect the Datalogic QuickScan model QD2500, type QD2590-BK, with the jpos.
In the jpos.xml i’ve been added this JposEntry:

<JposEntry logicalName="Datalogic-custom">
        <creation factoryClass="com.dls.jpos.service.DLSScannerInstanceFactory" serviceClass="com.dls.jpos.service.DLSScannerService"/>
        <vendor name="Datalogic USA, Inc." url=""/>
        <jpos category="Scanner" version="1.14"/>
        <product description="QuickScan" name="Datalogic 1.14" url=""/>

        <prop name="autoSearchCOM" type="String" value="True"/>
        <prop name="usage" type="String" value="4b00"/>
        <prop name="portName" type="String" value="4"/>
        <prop name="useVirtualPort" type="String" value="True"/>
        <prop name="vendorId" type="String" value="05F9"/>
        <prop name="productId" type="String" value="2590"/>
        <prop name="deviceBus" type="String" value="USB"/>
        <prop name="deviceClass" type="String" value="USBScanner"/>
        <prop name="InstallFolderPath" type="String" value="C:\xstore\windows_64\lib"/>

when i tried to connect it with my app or with the JavaPOSTest.batch it returns JposException: 0x80000004, Port open error

can someone explain me why this not working? pls


Hello @Gabriele_Fuso_Nerini

This forum is mainly meant to provide general information on Datalogic Mobile products , mainly Android and Windows CE devices.

General information and downloads for QuickScan devices is available at their product page (see link: Serie QuickScan 2100 - Scanner Barcode Manuali - Datalogic). However this seems a more technical question and we invite you to open a support request at Technical Support - Datalogic . Fill out the form and one of our technicians will get in contact with you.


Simone Callegari
Mobile Products L3 Specialist SW Engineer

Hi @Gabriele_Fuso_Nerini,

You have the incorrect productId (PID) and deviceClass. For handscanners by default this is USBHHscanner. Try this entry:

        <JposEntry logicalName="DL-Gryphon-QD25XX-USB-OEM">
        <creation factoryClass="com.dls.jpos.service.DLSScannerInstanceFactory" serviceClass="com.dls.jpos.service.DLSScannerService"/>
        <vendor name="DLA" url=""/>
        <jpos category="Scanner" version="1.13"/>
        <product description="ScannerService" name="ScannerService" url=""/>
        <!--Other non JavaPOS required property (mostly vendor properties and bus specific properties i.e. RS232 )-->
        <prop name="canAcceptStatisticsCmd" type="String" value="True"/>
        <prop name="canCompareFirmwareVersion" type="String" value="True"/>
        <prop name="canNotifyPowerChange" type="String" value="True"/>
        <prop name="canUpdateFirmware" type="String" value="True"/>
        <prop name="deviceBus" type="String" value="USB"/>
        <prop name="deviceClass" type="String" value="USBHHScanner"/>
        <prop name="deviceDescription" type="String" value="DLS Quickscan 25XX Scanner"/>
        <prop name="deviceName" type="String" value="DLS Quickscan 25XX Scanner"/>
        <prop name="doubleReadTimeout" type="String" value="2"/>
        <prop name="fullDisable" type="String" value="False"/>
        <prop name="MBeansEnabled" type="String" value="True"/>
        <prop name="productId" type="String" value="1239"/>
        <prop name="scanControl" type="String" value="False"/>
        <prop name="usage" type="String" value="4b00"/>
        <prop name="vendorId" type="String" value="05f9"/>
        <prop name="WMIEnabled" type="String" value="True"/>

Configure the scanner to be in USB Oem. (HA45)

Gr Peter

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