Joya Touch A6 is not booting up

Hello, my Joya Touch A6 device is no longer booting. Don’t know when it happened and what caused the issue - it used to work perfectly and after some time of inactivity we figured that Android OS is not loaded or we cannot see anything on the screen. The only thing we can see when we plug in JT6 to the power source - the two diodes at the button are periodically blinking blue , but that’s it. Any help?

Kind regards,
Olga Vencheva

Hello @Olga_Vencheva,

I can suggest you to proceed by following these steps:

  1. keep the device connected to the power source for more than 15 minutes.
  2. change the battery to one that you know is working and try to reboot the device
  3. contact your supplier to find out how to send the device for repair

Best Regards