Keeep user program after Clean Boot on Memor

Hi, I would need information regarding the possibility of maintaining a data collection program even after a Clean boot on Memor devices with Windows CE 5.0
I remember that the Memor has three reset modes, Warm boot, Cold boot, Clean boot, gradually deeper
I would like to understand how, after a Clean boot, to keep a program and its related configurations in the terminal, so that once restarted, calibrated the screen and completed the initialisation phase, the program is still usable

clean boot operation means to restore Memor device to factory settings, there’s no way to keep any custom program or configuration.

After clean boot any deploy strategy will require USB connection or Wi-Fi connection, then specific techniques could be adopted for files permanence at cold boot, but not at clean boot.

Hello Roberto
For further info on Clean Boot, Cold Boot and Warm Boot please refer to the section 4.3.1 (page 40) of the MemorX3 User’s Manual available on Datalogic developer Website under Mobile Computers >> Products >> Memor X3 - Windows >> Technical-docs

On the same manual, see also 4.7 section (BACKUP DIRECTORY FILE MANAGEMENT) section that explains how to persist and restore on Cold Boot your most important files and the device status, by means of the folders:
\Backup\ (Cold Boot persistent directory),
\Backup\Startup (.exe, .lnk and .html run at Windows CE startup)
\Backup\Windows (files automatically copied under \windows before the system restarts)
\Backup\Cabfiles. ( .cab files automatically re-installed at each cold boot)

Sections number 4.5.5 (Registry, on how to persist system configuration) and 4.5.6 (Files Admin utility, an alternative to the Backup\Windows and Backup\CabFiles folders) may also be useful.

Simone Callegari
L3 Mobile Computer Specialist Support SW Engineer | Datalogic