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I look for a Datalogic tool supplied by Datalogic if exist on Android terminals, named by other manufacturer as “kiosk” : it enable the administrator to give to the operator the access to a white list of apps or features and avoid unwanted installations bu Google play

Hello @William_Piedfort,

The system application today available for implementing the “Kisk mode” on the Datalogic devices is SureLock, by 42Gears.

You can install or update it through Scan2Deploy Studio, by using the “Update option” of the Applications action page.

Note: when you install (or update) SureLock you have to update also his companion tool EnterpriseAgent.

With Scan2Deploy Studio, you can also customize the SureLock configuration, taking advantage of the Application / Manage / Configuration pages.

On the ‘42Gears - 3rd Party Software - Mobile Computers - Datalogic Developer Portal’ webpage you can find:

Further detail can be found also the SureLock manufacturer website:

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - SW Engineer

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thank you for this complete description
but as it is a third party software , the licence has may be an additional cost ?

I answer to myself : the Introducing-42Gears-Software.pdf datasheet says :

Note that this full SureLock Full license allows an unlimited number of whitelisted apps, as opposed
to the Datalogic standard license which limits users to only 2 whitelisted apps.
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