Latest firmware for DH60 windows CE 6

Anyone has the latest firmware for DH60 ?. I search on datalogic website but this model no longer support. My device running on v1

Hi @Tuan_Phong_Dang

I see that firmware for the DH60 is still available on our PartnerNet. If you do not have access to our Datalogic PartnerNet I advise you to open a case on our website so me or one of my colleagues can send the latest firmware to you.

You can open a case here:

Gr Peter


firmware for DH60 nolonger list on device firmware download on :frowning: ; So i’ve mailed to technical support. Thank you

Hello @Tuan_Phong_Dang

After accessing the page, select “Technical / Software Downloads”:

in the Search box, type “DH60”:

A first results list will appear, containing the link to the FW.
You can further refine your search, by product (obsolete/DH60) and category (Software Utilities) by finally adding ‘Firmware’ as a search object, and you will get this list:

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products - L3 Specialist SW Engineer