Listing of Barcode Types for Intent Wedge

In an app I’m currently developing, I use a BroadcastReceiver to receive intents from scanning a barcode. Not just for Datalogic devices, but for devices of various manufacturers that all send intents on scanning/decoding a barcode. Everything works as it should, the BroadcastReceiver receives the intent, etc., but I need to determine which symbology a scanned barcode uses, to allow for different behavior in regards to that.
Therefore, of course, the intents extras contains the barcode type (key is configured with the “Intent extra barcode type” setting; default value: “com.datalogic.decode.intentwedge.barcode_type”). But this barcode type is only a string, so it could theoretically be everything.
So my question is, which possible values are there? Is there a listing of all the possible values somewhere on the internet? Does Datalogic use names from a standardized collection of symbology names or does it use ones they defined themselves?

What I already checked/found out:

  • The barcode type strings correspond neither to the values of the enum “Com.Datalogic.Decode.BarcodeID” nor “Com.Datalogic.Decode.Symbology”. For example, a scanned EAN-13 barcode has the string “EAN-13” as its barcode type intent extra, but the value for that in both enums is “EAN13” (without the hyphen).
  • The barcode type strings do not correspond to their settings name. For example, a scanned Aztec Code barcode has the string “Aztec” as its barcode type intent extra, but its settings entry is named “Aztec Code” (also the settings names are no reliable listing either)

Hello @Christoph_Mett,

This link contains a list of all symbologies, but does not contain the exact strings used in the intent.