Memeor 10 'keyboard wedge' will occasionally disable itself.

The keyboard wedge within data logic settings will occasionally disable itself. this can become incredibly irritating for some of the people working with the devices.

Keydecodeintent is installed which may be the culprit (as it has a tendency to disable it whenever launched) however is needed for the work being done on the device.

Has this issue come up before and if there may be any solutions or am i missing something?

thank you in advance.

Hello @jacob_Baker-Coady
as described in the technical note “TN: Memor 10 A9 Wedge Behavior”, Keydecodeintent is a patch issued for FW Memor 10 Andoird 9 2.06.08, 2.07.11 and 2.08.12.

If your device is still running one of these FWs, the best solution is to update your system with the most up-to-date Memor 10 FW version (Andrioid 9 v2.10 or Android 10 v3.02), which today already includes the solution to the problem initially patched by Keydecodeintent.
This should solve all the Wedge stability and configuration problems.

Staying on the specific case on Keydecodeintent, the only anomalous behavior related to the indicated FWs that we are aware of is an interaction of DuraSpeed (the device’s built-in battery usage optimization system) that after a certain period of time may tend to kill the Keydecodeintent service, forcing it to be restarted in order to use it. In newer FW the DuraSpeed service has been changed and is now disabled by default.

If the Android standard implementation of DuraSpeed is the cause of your problem, you can disable it from the Setting / Duraspeed menu, or via ADB SHELL, by issuing these two commands:

ADB shell settings put global setting.duraspeed.enabled 0
ADB shell settings put system setting.duraspeed.enabled 0

You can apply this settings to your device fleet also with a Scan2Deploy profile containing two SET_SETTING script commands (see link) or through the EMM you have in use.

If these suggestions do not solve, then I would recommend creating a support ticket and a member of our support team will assist you in troubleshooting (report this conversation).
You can create a support ticket here:

Simone Callegari
Mobile Computer Specialist Support L3 Engineer | Datalogic