Memor 10 and 20 Android OS update

Hello all, when will receive Memor 10 and 20 Android OS update to Android 10/11?

Hello @Christiaan_Baardwijk

The new OS update to Android 10 for Memor 10 has been released in the past days on our developer’s website. The new OS image Memor 10 Android 10 v3.00.03 + Espresso Extension v2.0.3 (link) is available on our developer’s website.

The next OS update for Memor 20, instead, will be Android 11 and is currently scheduled for release at the end of January 2022.

These upgrades will be available in all new units and as an upgrade to all DL Shield customers.

Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer

@Simone_Callegari hello Simone,

Thank you for reply.
Hope we can expect Android 11 on Memor 20 soon, is there some delay? And you need DL Shield or Easy of care agreement right for this update?

And how many Major OS updates will Memor 20 receive in future? Till which Android version supported?

Thanks again.