Memor 10: Camera has been disabled because of security policy

OS Version: Android 10
Firmware Version:
Enterprise SDK: 1.22

Using a 3rd party application (CodeREADr), the application has the same permissions as the Camera application, however, when trying to access the camera through the 3rd party application the following error is displayed “Camera has been disabled because of security policy”.

Steps taken to this point:

  • Reset app settings/permissions on Memor.
  • Tested app on non-Datalogic device successfully.
  • Reviewed manual for permissions.
  • Contacted 3rd party vendor, waiting on their response.

Any thoughts, or suggestions on getting past this issue?


Hey Pete,
Is this device set up with an MDM or EMM like Soti, AirWatch, SureMDM or Intune?
Have you tried factory resetting the device to see if that fixes the issue?

Drew Hugentobler
L3 - Mobile Computer Support Specialist Engineer