Memor 10 Disable Boot Mode

Is there a way to disable boot mode on Memor 10 OS 10 v3.02.06 ?
Devices are used through SOTI MobiControl v15.5.0.

Hello Francois,
On SOTI you can create a profile with a Feature Control type Configuration.
In that Feature Control you can disable Safe Boot.
Does this feature suffice or do you need additional assistance?

Drew Hugentobler
L3 Mobile Computer Support Engineer

Hi Drew,
The option Allow Safe Boot is unchecked but I’m still able to.
Allow Factory Mode is also unchecked and I can do it.
Screenshot 2022-10-25 144953
Thank you,

Francois Charron

Hello Francois,
After doing more research, it looks like there is not a way to disable the Boot Mode menu.
Is there a specific feature in the Boot Mode menu that you are trying to disable?

Hi Drew,

Customer wanted to disabled the Boot Mode as a preventive method to avoid user to access it. After researches we came to the conclusion that, as you mentioned, it is not possible to disable the Boot Menu. The problem is that users can access the Boot Menu and Factory Reset the device, hence un-enrolling the device from the MDM.

Thank you,

Francois Charron

Hi @Francois_Charron

Maybe it’s an option to deploy the Memor 10 devices with Zero-touch. That will not prevent the users to do a factory reset with the recovery mode. But after a factory reset the device will register itself with Soti as soon as it connects to the internet. This will give the customer an additional layer of security.

Gr Peter


If you could create a support ticket, we would like to assist you directly on this issue.