Memor 10 Firmware Update Questions - Version Steps and Identifying Non-GMS Devices

Hey everyone, I’ve got a couple of questions about updating the firmware on our Memor 10s. Right now, they’re running Android 8.1.0 and we’re aiming to get them up to the latest version. I’ve checked out the firmware download page but I’m new to updating Memor 10s and it’s a bit overwhelming. So, first up, do we need to upgrade to version 9 before jumping to version 10, or can we go straight from 8.1.0 to version 10? And secondly, I’m trying to figure out the different firmware versions listed in the download page. How can I tell if our devices are non-GMS?

Hello @Kenneth_Andres,

We offer a few variants of the Memor 10; a non-GMS system (AOSP), which does not include Google Apps (you will not find Google Play, Google Chrome, Photos, Youtube…), and two GMS variants, one for the US market and one for EMEA and the Rest of the World (EMEA/ROW).
You can read the exact SKU variant of your device under “Settings / About Phone / SKU version” (possible values: AOSP for the non-GMS variant, US or EMEA/ROW for the GMS variant).

For Memor™ 10 Android™ 8.1 firmware version, direct upgrade to any Android™ 10 firmware version is NOT ALLOWED. Please update to any Android™ 9.0 firmware version first. To check the Android version, go to Settings>About phone and read the Android version.

The Memor10 Release Notes .pdf document, available on the same page as the Memor 10 firmware, contains other useful information on Memor 10 releases:



Thanks for the information that you provided. I’m assuming the US version also applied to Canada?

Yes the US version also applies to Canada.


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You do not have Android 9 for Memor 10. Do you have a link where I can locate it? Thank you.


The link provided above has Android 8.1, 9, and 10 firmware for the Memor 10.

Here it is again:

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