Memor 10 SDK Install API


I’m trying to use the PackageInstaller class of the SDK (PackageInstaller - Datalogic SDK version 1 | Android Add-on), but the method always returning [UNBOUND_SERVICE]. But I not find any clue to this type of error

Any help will be appreciate

Hi @Paulo_Ventura,

what firmware have you installed on your M10?

Thank you

Hi @Donato_Cataldo :
SDK Version: 1.27
Android: Oreo 8.1

The relevant code:

        val packageInstaller = PackageInstaller(applicationContext)
        val listener = PackageInstallerListener {results: MutableList<PackageInstallerResult>? ->
            if (results != null) {
                for (result in results){
                    Log.d("Listener", result.result.toString())
        packageInstaller.install(apkFile?.path!!, false, listener)

The Log:
D/DL - PackageInstaller: PackageInstaller()
D/DL - PackageInstaller: install(/storage/emulated/0/Download/Neo.OSB.App_0.9.apk,false)
D/DL - PackageInstallerSession: PackageInstallerSession()
D/DL - PackageInstallerSession: openSession()
D/DL - PackageInstallerSession: install(/storage/emulated/0/Download/Neo.OSB.App_0.9.apk,false)
D/DL - PackageInstallerSession: PackageInstallerCommand(command= [INSTALL_CMD], /storage/emulated/0/Download/Neo.OSB.App_0.9.apk)
D/DL - PackageInstallerSession: prepareResults()
D/DL - PackageInstallerSession: prepareResults(INSTALL_TERMINATED_EVENT_NAME, /storage/emulated/0/Download/Neo.OSB.App_0.9.apk, UNBOUND_SERVICE)


Hi @Paulo_Ventura,

the “packageInstaller” feature (PackageInstaller - Datalogic SDK version 1 | Android Add-on)
unfortunately is not supported for Android 8 M10, it is supported for Android 9 M10.
If your environment allows it, our suggestion is to upgrade your system to Android 9.

Note: keep in mind that if you upgrade your M10 to Android 9 you cannot roll back to Android 8.

Best Regards
Donato Cataldo

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