Memor 10 Set Local over SOTI

How can i set the Language of the device with DXU or with SOTI ?

Im using AE with SOTI, so setlocale doesnt work anymore. I cant find it also in the DXU Configuration.

Hi Michael,

for the M10 the adb command to set the “Language-Country” is this :

adb shell settings put system system_locales it-IT

The above adb command sets the “Language-Country” in “it-IT”, after a reboot you can see the setting applied.

You can set the “Language-Country” also with DXU (in the example is set to “fr-FR”)

If you want to set the “Language-Country” with Soti you can send the “.dxu” file to the device and apply the configuration with the “APPLY_SETTINGS” intent (

In all these cases the configuration takes effect only after a reboot.

If you are configuring the device with the “Android Enterprise QR”, you can set the “Language-Country” in the QR code through the “Additional Android Enterprise properties”.
Link to the QR code generator:
link to the documentation:

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