Memor 10 - Wifi issues

Hello every one,

I’ve an issue with our Memor 10 devices. There is an issue with roaming around our place. Memor10 are not able to connect nearest access point as I am, at this moment.
We’re using Ruckus access points. Is it possible to Memor10 are not compatible with Ruckus access points?

Best regards, :slight_smile:

Hello @Przemyslaw_Ludwig,

The roaming behavior of a WiFi Radio can be influenced by many intrinsic and environmental factors. In general, up to a certain signal threshold, many WiFi radios prefer connectivity to a continuous passage between different access points, so the described behavior could be normal. The roaming time itself could be variable depending on the situation.
In case you encounter problems of disconnection or loss of signal, we invite you to open a ticket at our Technical Support - Datalogic, so that one of our engineers can contact you and analyze the case…


Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile - Products Specialist SW Engineer