Memor 20 Wwan Datasim

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As an organisation, we use our memor 20 for drivers to scan in products. After the drivers’ shifts, they are charged overnight at the charging stations provided for this purpose. The next morning, the respective driver has to reactivate the datasim card before the scanner is usable again.

My question : is it possible that the datasim card is not deactivated while recharging since the scanners are already protected with a PIN code.

Als organisatie gebruiken we onze memor 20 voor chauffeurs om producten in te scannen. Na de diensten van de chauffeurs worden deze 's nachts opgeladen aan de hiervoor bestemde oplaadstations. De volgende morgen dient de desbetreffende chauffeur eerst de datasimkaart weer te activeren voordat de scanner weer bruikbaar is.

Mijn vraag : is het mogelijk dat de datasim kaart niet wordt gedeactiveerd tijdens het opladen aangezien de scanners al met een pincode is afgeschermd.

Hello @systeembeheer,

It is irregular to have to reactivate your data SIM daily.

You may need to contact your data provider as this behavior is not expected.

I do not believe charging the device is related to why your SIM is deactivating but it is hard to know why with the provided information.

Please create a support ticket here for direct assistance:

Drew Hugentobler
L3 Mobile Computer Specialist Support Engineer

As @Drew_Hugentobler said, SIM cards inserted in the device should never be deactivated during charging.
When the device is put on charge, the SIM should always remain active, thus able to exchange data (or receive phone calls in the case of a phone SIM).

As a general information, if the difficulty you have run into is a screen lock PIN issue, this can be set or removed via the Settings / Security / ScreenLock menu.

If a SIM card PIN has been set, it can be changed or removed via the menu Settings / Security / SIM card lock.


Simone Callegari
Mobile Products L3 Specialist - SW Engineer | Datalogic