Memor X3 no longer connects to WMDC


We have numerous Memor X3 devices which have been successfully connecting to WMDC for many years. A few days ago, just one of them (the rest are fine) stopped being recognized by WMDC.

Two things I’ve noticed (which may or may not be connected):

  1. When the device is first placed in the charging dock, the Battery Settings screen always displays an animated progress bar and says “Charging…” and the 3rd status LED is RED, even if the battery is at 100%. It then takes about 5 minutes before charging is complete and the LED goes GREEN. At this stage, if you remove the device from the dock - even for a second - and replace it, it will repeat the process (ie says it’s “Charging…” with a RED LED for about 5 minutes before completing with a GREEN LED. Our other Memor X3 devices retain their GREEN complete status if you remove them from the dock for a short time (or at least very quickly go GREEN again if not straight away). This suggests to me that there may be a problem with the battery, however I have taken the battery from the faulty device and used it in a working device and there is no problem. Similarly, I have taken the battery from a working device and used it in the faulty device and the problem still persists. I think I can conclude therefore that there is no problem with the battery, but rather something internal to the device itself.

  2. The devices can also be connected to the PC using a direct Micro-USB connection. Our working devices connect to WMDC just as easily this way as via the charging dock, however this faulty device is again not connecting - and the LED doesn’t even light up (to either RED or GREEN) so the Micro-USB isn’t working either.

In the event of not being able to connect the X3 to WMDC, I was hoping that I could at least transfer any data files from the faulty device via Bluetooth (which the manual suggests I should be able to), however, there is no “Bluetooth Manager” available in Control Panel (on either the faulty device or indeed on any of our other working devices). I notice that there is a file called “bluetooth.cpl” in the "C:\WINDOWS" folder, but I don’t know how to activate that.

The Firmware on all our devices is:
Version 1.01.Core[]

I have performed a Warm Reboot (and even a Cold Reboot) but with no success. Can anyone offer any advice? I would rather not perform a Factory Reset as it has data files on it that I’d like to read before they get wiped!

Hello @Richard_Tatterton ,

“Memor X3 Core” is a fairly dated device that has gone into obsolescence for over two and a half years.
The presence of FW V1.01.32 Core, indicates that the terminal probably dates back to 2014 or the early part of 2015 and has never been updated since then.
After so many years, due to the normal decay of analog electronic components, i cannot exclude that the voltage or battery charge sensors may have undergone some slight variation from their original calibrations, and this could explain the slight inertia with which that particular device detects when the maximum battery charge is reached.

Regarding the cable connection, I imagine that you have already verified that this is not a problem with the cable itself.
If the cable is in good condition, the fact that none of the device’s LEDs light up makes me think of a broken USB connector, device side.
One could then try a connection via Docking Cradle, which in turn is connected to the PC via USB, but though a different connector). But if that doesn’t work either, it is possible that some internal electronic board is broken.
In this case we suggest you to contact the Repair Service to ask if it is still possible to do that kind of repair on Memor X3.

In this PDF you can find all the necessary information related to the RMA procedure:

Regarding the BlueTooth, the device’s BlueTooth manager is located under "Start / Settings ". Usually it is the first blue icon in the upper right corner.
However, “Memor X3 Core” existed in two variants, one with WiFi and BlueTooth radios, and one without radio (batch device).
The FW of the two versions was the same, so it is normal to find BlueTooth.cpl in the system folders, but the BlueTooth and WiFi configuration conponents were activated only with the actual presence of the hardware. The fact that the BT manager is not present in your device makes me think that it could have been a device without a Radio.
You can verify this information through the PartNumber and SerialNumber of the device itself.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist L3 - Software Engineer