Memor X3 OEM model name

Hello. Sorry for my English. I just recently updated my store with Memor X3 (944250004). We use custom mapping files with our software. It’s stored in XML files like this :
Where OEMmodel is automatically retrieved using GetOemInfo and put in uppercase. For exemple, it’s FALCONX3 or SKORPIOX3 for these models. I tried to name my custom file “MapKey.MEMORX3.XML” but it doesn’t work. I also tried with DLGMEMORX3 and a few variations but to no use. What is the model name stored in OEM Information for this model please? Thank you.

Hello @David_Godon,

to recognize the platform type and OEM info (like hpc, opticon, datalogic etc), Microsoft provide a generic API method named SystemParametersInfo() that can be used to read a series of system-wide parameters. The table here below report the values returned by a list of Datalogic devices for the two variable SPI_GETPLATFORMTYPE (257) and SPI_GETOEMINFO (258).

Device:             SPI_GETOEMINFO:           SPI_GETPLATFORMTYPE: 
   Memor X3           "Datalogic"               "Datalogic Memor X3"
   Skorpio X3         "Datalogic SkorpioX3"     "SkorpioX3"
   Falcon X3+         "Datalogic FalconX3+"     "FalconX3+"
   Joya Touch         "Datalogic JoyaTouch"     "WinCEGeneric"
   Skorpio X4         "Datalogic SkorpioX4"     "CEBase"
   Falcon X4          "Datalogic FalconX4"      "CEBase"                       

If you need more specific information, you can open a ticket by filling the module at this link .

Simone Callegari
Mobile Products L3 Specialist SW Engineer

Hello Simone.
Thank you very much for your extensive answer, this is exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks again and have a nice day.